How to share Candidate Reports with teammates?

Know how to collaborate with teammates to make data-driven hiring decisions

The next step after the candidate gives the Test is getting the Candidate Report. Test reports are usually generated within minutes after the Test is attempted. Since hiring is a collaborative decision, you would want other teammates' opinions before deciding on the next action.

iMocha allows you to share the Candidate Report with your hiring team to be aware of the candidate's skill and offer their opinion. 

To share Candidate Reports:

  1. Click My Tests 
  2. Select the Test of which the Candidate Report has to be shared.
  3. Click Reports
  4. A list of candidates who have appeared for the Test appears
  5. Select the candidates whose reports are to be shared, click Share Reports
    share report button
  6. Select the teammate from the drop-down menu
  7. Click Share 

    share report

Note: You need to have teammates added to your account as sub-users.

The reports will now appear in Shared Reports tab under My Tests when your teammate logs in with their accounts.
Your teammate can now view or download the reports.

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