What is Window Violation, and how to enable it in Live Interviews?

Know how to enable window violation in live interview.

Window Violation is a feature that helps detect any movement outside the interview window by the candidate during the interview. In short, if the candidate tries to source answers from web engines, chat windows, or any external web help, the system will give a pop-up message informing the candidate that it is not allowed, and the interviewer is also notified about the same. 

To enable Window Violation at the Global Level:

  1. Click Settings -> Global Settings.
  2. Click Master Settings - Interview. 

    master settings interview
  3. You can choose to enable the Display Window Violation Pop-up to Candidate, to make them aware of their violation.
  4. Click Save.

To enable Window Violation at the Interview Level:

  1. Go to Interviews -> My Interviews.
  2. Select the Interview Template for which you want to enable the Proctoring setting at Interview Level.
  3. Click the Settings tab, a window with the proctoring setting listed as show below appears:
    interview level
  4. You can choose to enable the Candidate ID Verification and the Display Window Violation Pop-up to Candidate, to enable proctoring in Live Interview at the Interview Level.
  5. Click Save.

Window Violation is now enabled for the particular Interview template only and not for the other interviews. 

Note: Ensure to enable Proctoring settings both at the Global and Interview Levels.

Window Violation Pop-up:

The interviewer and the candidate are notified when the candidate moves out of the interview window. A warning message informing that movement out of the window is not allowed is displayed to the candidate, and the interviewer is notified about the same.

The warning message appears to the candidate as shown below:

To view the Window Violation details in the Candidates' Reports:

The details of window violation will be seen in candidate reports if the settings are enabled. When you view the reports for the interview, our AI-powered proctoring analysis will give you a snapshot of the proctoring activity at a glance. 

The interview instances grid, as shown below, displays the candidate's total number of window violations for swift and simple decision-making.

interview grid

When you hover through the window violation flag, the violation number, and if it has exceeded the tolerable limit, is displayed as a tooltip.

violation warning

Apart from this, you can also view the analysis in detail in the report.

The Interviews tab in the report has the Proctoring Analysis details.

proctoring analysis

The Proctoring Details tab displays the Window Violation and Time Violation details.

proctoring details

The Summary tab displays the number of window violations and the Time Violation duration.

window violation

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