What is Candidate ID Verification, and how to enable it in Live Interviews?

Know how to enable Candidate ID verification in live interview to avoid impersonation.

The Candidate ID verification feature in live interviews prevents impersonation. It helps to authenticate candidates by validating their identities using a legitimate government id document, and make sure the right individual is attending the live interview. 

To enable smartness of Candidate ID Verification in Live Interviews, connect with iMocha's Customer Support Team.

When enabled, the candidates will see the instructions to help them verify their identity before entering the interview platform, and the recruiter will be able to verify the candidates' identification, to avoid the impersonation happening in live interviews

get verified


base image

If the authentication is successful, the candidate will proceed to the interview.

candidate id veriff

In case of an invalid identity document, the candidate can try the verification again with a different identity document and proceed to the interview.  If the verification fails again, our support team manually checks and updates the status to reduce inaccuracy. 

verification failed

View Candidate ID Verification in Reports 

candidate report

The Candidate ID verification must be enabled at the account level else the settings will be disabled, as shown below.

candidate verification settings

To enable Candidate ID verification at Interview Template level.

Enable Candidate ID verification in the Master Interview Settings, as shown in the image below:

candidate id veriff master setting

To enable Candidate ID verification at interview instance level.

Enable Candidate ID verification in the Interview level Settings, as shown in the image below:

candidate id veriff interview level setting

Impersonation at multiple levels of recruiting is a serious challenge for online recruitment. The verification insight will help make sure the Talent Acquisition Teams are able to detect impersonation during the hiring process.

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