How to schedule bulk interviews?

Know how to schedule bulk interviews and reduce time and effort.

Video interviewing is the ideal substitute for face-to-face interviews when hiring virtually. And specifically for campus hiring, we have the functionality of bulk interview scheduling. In bulk Interview scheduling, one to many interviews is scheduled at once. The interview will be scheduled for selected candidates from the list of candidate who has appeared for a test. 

Bulk scheduling is available only through the Microsite feature. Only the candidates who have completed the microsite registration process and attempted the test successfully can be selected for scheduling bulk interviews.

To schedule bulk interviews:

  1. Go to Candidates-> Microsite.
    The below window with the list of candidate in the microsite appears:
  2. Select the Test Report tab.

    A grid with the list of candidates who have completed the registration process and have successfully attempted the test is displayed. 
    You can narrow your search results to display the interview-ready candidates using the following search filters.
  3. Select the eligible candidates.
  4. Click the Schedule Interview button.
  5. The following window with the list of candidates for interview and interview details appears:

    The Interview details included are:
    1. Interview For: Enter the topic of the Interview.
    2. Select Panellists: Search and select the host from the drop-down list. There can be a minimum of one to maximum of three hosts.
    3. Additional Interviewer: Enter the valid email id of the guest interviewers. You can enter a maximum of two email addresse by separating them with a comma.
    4. Select Drive Date: Select the interview date.
    5. Drive starts at: Select the interview start time. Once you select the start time the time slots for each candidate is generated.
    6. Tentative Slot duration: Interview slot duration can be set here.
    7. Insert Break: Click the clock icon to insert a break, and select from the list of 15, 20, 30, or 45 minutes break duration.
    8. Remove candidate: Click the remove icon to remove the candidate from the list, if necessary. Note that you can only remove a candidate but cannot add a new candidate to the list
    9. Assign Parameters: Rating parameters for the interview can be customized here. You can use the rating parameters from an existing interview by selecting that particular interview from the drop-down, using the rating parameters from global settings or creating your parameters.
    You can view the list of candidates with the time slots for interviews for each candidate. Fill in  all the necessary details and proceed.
  6. Click Send Invitation, the Reset all slots button can be used to reset the details entered. 

Once the interview is scheduled successfully, the candidates and the interviewers receive an email invite containing the interview details.

You have now successfully scheduled a bulk interview.

To View, Edit or Inactivate the Interview:

  1. Go to My Interviews.
  2. A grid with list of scheduled interviews is displayed.
  3. Click edit button to edit the interview details and click more icon to Inactivate the Interview.

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