How to report a problem in the test questions?

Know how to report errors or issues in the test questions

iMocha runs a lot of quality checks to ensure that the questions for the test are relevant and free of any errors. However there might be some questions that may have errors. While creating your test or selecting questions, if you find any such errors you can report it to us. Our team will sort out the issue as early as possible.

To report a question:

  • Click My Tests on the top panel
  • Select the Test in which the problem question seems to appear
  • Click Edit


How to report a question


  • In the window that opens you see the list of questions
  • Click on the warning sign icon
  • Select the appropriate error from the drop-down menu
Report a problem in question


The problem will be reported to us and our team will fix the issue as soon as possible. In case of any queries, mail us at