How to prevent cheating using Safe Assessment Browser?

Know how to secure the assessment window and prevent cheating by enabling the Safe Assessment Browser feature.

Safe Assessment Browser is an AI-powered remote proctoring mechanism that prevents cheating by blocking access to other software and shielding the assessment screen of the employee in real time. 

This feature, when enabled, restricts the employee from cheating and create a safe and secure online assessment environment. 

To enable smartness of Safe Assessment Browser in Talent Management, connect with iMocha's Customer Support Team.

To enable Safe Assessment Browser at the Global Level:

  1. Go to Settings->Global Settings-> Master Settings- Test.
  2. Select Proctoring Settings.
  3. Scroll down to find Safe Assessment Browser.
    enable browser safety

Attention! The Safe Assessment Browser will NOT work for assesments containing File Upload Questions.

iMocha's Safe Assessment Browser ensures to prevent from cheating during the assessment by securing the browser by implementing:

  1. Force Fullscreen Mode
  2. Multiple Screen Detection
  3. Restrict Screen Sharing
  4. Screen Protection in case of screen sharing
  5. Virtual Machine Detection
  6. Screenshot Prevention
  7. Prevent Screen Recording

Employee perspective

On accessing the link to the assessment, they are instructed to install the safe assessment browser mode. It is a process of few seconds and allows the employee to begin the assessment only after the Safe Assessment Browser is installed on their system. 

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