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How to initiate iMocha + Lever 1-Click Integration

Know how to integrate iMocha and Lever and evaluate candidates in a single workflow

Integration Overview

Lever + iMocha Integration OverviewIntegration Flow Summary

  1. The candidate applies to a job posting.
  2. Job application (aka Opportunities in Lever) will get the iMocha assessment tag attached through the Lever Automation feature.
  3. The recruiter will move the candidate to the “Assessment” stage in Lever.
  4. Lever will trigger notification to iMocha endpoint for candidate stage change event.
  5. If iMocha tag is present on a given job application (opportunities), iMocha will do the following –
    1. Initiate assessment as per tag.
    2. Send out an email to candidates with assessment information.
  6. Upon completion of assessment by candidate, the report will be synced back to candidate form along with report pdf as an attachment in the files section.
  7. The job application will be moved to the “Assessment Complete” stage.

All completed assessment applications can be found in the “Assessment Complete” stage, while all applications initiated for assessment are present in the “Assessment” stage in Lever.

The recruiter can move candidate applications back and forth in the “Assessment” stage.

Note, that this will trigger the following behavior

  1. If the candidate already received an assessment invite, and not appeared for the test yet,
  2. Invitation settings will be updated which include test access time, proctoring, and other settings available in the “Default” test link for the given test at that time.
  3. An email will be sent to the candidate again
  4. No new invite will be created in this context, rather test invitation settings are updated as mentioned above.
  5. If candidate assessment status is either InProgress or Complete then
    1. No new invite be will be created.
    2. No email will be sent.
    3. In short, it will safely ignore the event

How to setup Integration

Step 1 - Lever setup

  1. Go to Settings in Lever (You would require access to Integration & APIs /super admin permission)
    Setting up Integration process for Lever

2. Generating API key

  • Click on generate API key & give API key descriptive name
  • Select permission, and click done below.

Note: The API key will only be visible once, so make sure to copy it someplace.

Lever API credentials

3. Permission required. Please select all.

Read endpoints permission

  1. Read stage
  2. Read user
  3. Read posting
  4. Read opportunity
  5. Read opportunity application
  6. Read opportunity form
  7. Read form template
  8. List users
  9. List stages
  10. List tags
  11. List postings
  12. List opportunities
  13. List form templates
  14. List opportunity application
  15. List opportunity forms
  16. List opportunity notes

Write endpoints permission

  1. Upload opportunities file
  2. Update opportunities stage
  3. Update form template
  4. Remove opportunities tag
  5. Create opportunity note
  6. Create opportunity form
  7. Create form template
  8. Add opportunity tag

    Write end points permission

4. Webhook notification setup

Go to Webhooks tab in same windows

Add below URL to Candidate stage change

URL: https://integration.imocha.io/lever/client/255416/workflow/event

Step 2 - iMocha Setup

1. Go to Settings -> Integration -> Lever -> Configure

Integration Settings

2. Add key Lever API key your generated in Step 3 and click save

Lever Integration API key

3. Once you entered the API key, click save 

4. Select the stage where you want to trigger sending out the assessment.

5. Select the “Assessment” stage here from the dropdown.

6. Select the stage where you want the candidate to be moved to after test completion. Select the “Assessment Completed” stage from the dropdown.

7. Select the profile form template from the dropdown. Choose “iMocha Assessment” in the dropdown. If you don’t have it created already click plus sign and create it. To sync and create tags in Lever, select job posting and select candidate in that job posting from the respective dropdown.

8. To sync and create tags in Lever, select job posting

Lever Integration

9. Once all fields are selected click on save. Wait few seconds.

10. You will see Activate Integration button, click on it.

11. The Final screen should look like below.

Final integration screen- Activate

And you are done with Integration. Congrats!

Step 3-How to send an invite from Lever

  1. Move candidate to “Assessment” stage.
  2. The candidate will receive an email from iMocha.
  3. Once the test is completed, you will find the candidate in the “Assessment Complete” stage.
  4. View Assessment Report in forms.Assessment report in forms

5. Report is attached in the file as well

Attach report in forms

In case of any queries, please write to us at support@imocha.io