How to get your company branding on iMocha?

Know the various White Labeling options in iMocha.

iMocha helps you brand your company and indirectly sets you apart from other employers.

The White Labeling options available are:

To display your Company Logo, favicon, and Privacy policy:

Go to Settings -> Global Settings -> White Label.

  1. Company Logo: Upload your company logo in the prescribed format. This logo will appear in the iMocha portal (
  2. Favicon: A favicon typically appears on the address bar. You can upload your company favicon, which will appear in the iMocha talent portal's address bar(
  3. Support Email Address: All support queries related to the app platform will be redirected to the specified email address.This is the email address mentioned in the invite email to employees. All the queries from the employees before, during, and after the test will be redirected here.
  4. URL Settings: The app platform URL is, and the test platform is You can edit this so that your company name is displayed instead of iMocha.

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