How to evaluate frontend developers using HTML/CSS/JavaScript questions?

Know how to accurately assess a candidate’s front-end development skills


HTML/CSS/JavaScript are prominent web development tools used in website development. To assess candidates' website coding and designing skills, iMocha has introduced these question types in a project-based environment to help organizations accurately evaluate candidates for front-end development roles.

Front-end developers are responsible for creating a free-flowing webpage that allows visitors to interact easily with your product. They do this through the combination of design, technology, and programming to code a website's appearance. To ensure a smooth flow and seamless experience, web developers need to be hands-on with HTML/CSS/JavaScript tools. 

iMocha has introduced project-based questions and we are starting with HTML/CSS/JavaScript question type.

You can add your own questions for HTML/CSS/JavaScript and add them to the assessments. Candidates will have to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript according to the question to showcase their knowledge on structuring, designing, and adding logic to the web pages. 

Know how to evaluate candidates on HTML/CSS/JavaScript skills

 Add the questions to your account

1. Log in to your iMocha account

2. Click My Questions

3. Create a Category and add the Skill

Add HTML-CSS-JS category

4. Click Add Questions to add a question in HTML/CSS/JS

Add HTML questions

Add HTMLCSS questions

Create assessments

1. Click Create New Test (This button is available in My Tests)

2. In the Questions tab, click Add Skills

3. Select My Questions 

Add HTML questions to test

4. Once the questions are added, you can invite the candidates to appear for the assessment.

Candidate's view 

Candidate View

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