How to enrol employees with job profile?

Know how to enrol employees and their job profile.

iMocha is a skills intelligence and assessment platform that enables talent leaders to make smarter talent decisions. You can import the job profiles and corresponding skills through an Excel file and build the right skill profile for employees 

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To enrol employees with job profile:

  1. Go to Talent -> Talent Pool.
  2. Click Enrol Employees.
  3. The following window appears:sample template
  4. Click Download Sample Template to download the sample template to bulk enrol up to 1000 employees.
    The template contains an employee sheet where you can add employee emails under Email Address and their corresponding First Name, Last Name (optional), and job profile(optional).
  5. Click Upload file after adding employees' Email Addresses and their corresponding names.upload file
  6. The following message appears when the upload is successful.upload successful
  7. Click Enrol Employees to complete the enrolment.
    On successful enrolment, the following message appears: enrolment successful
    If the upload is unsuccessful, the below window appears:upload failedThe system will process the uploaded file, and the enrolled employees will receive an email with login credentials and the link to the Talent portal.

    You will receive an email, as shown below, containing an enrolment summary.

    Review the details enlisted, make corrections, and re-upload the Excel file if necessary to enrol again.

Note: Ensure that the job profiles in the uploaded excel file matched the ones in the skill intelligence.

Enrolment can fail because of the following reasons:

i. User with the same email address is already enrolled.

ii. User's email address is invalid.

iii. The uploaded file has an incorrect file extension.

iv. Wrong file size.

You can view the enrolled employees in the grid as follows:

After enrolling the employees in the system, you can go ahead and include them in various learning and development programs.

To edit the employees profile:

Click the edit button corresponding to the employees whose profile you want to edit

The following window appears, you can edit the fields and select the corresponding job profile from the drop-down list.

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