How to enrol employees with HRMS when skills intelligence is enabled?

Know how to enrol employees with HRMS when skills intelligence is enabled.

Once you have completed mapping job profiles to job codes, you can proceed with enrolling the employees.

Follow the steps below to enrol employees. 

  1. Go to Admin Centre.
  2. Select the Enrolment tab. 
  3.  Click the Upload HRMS Data button. 
  4. The employee information has been updated with two new fields, Grade and Band, to assess and categorize the employees' talent.
    Grades: When filtering employees by grades, you evaluate them based on specific performance metrics or evaluation scores. Grades provide a more detailed assessment of individual performance, allowing you to categorize employees according to their achievements.  
    Bands: When filtering employees by bands, you classify them based on their level within the complexity of their roles. This method allows you to group employees into broad categories that reflect their responsibilities, experience, and seniority
    Skill-gap-analysis 2
  5. Once all the information is captured, click Upload here, to upload the excel file with employee data to invite up to 5000 employees.
  6. Here is a glimpse of the sample Excel file template.

    Excel template
  7. On successful upload  of the email template , click on Upload.

    Once you click the upload button, we will process the employee information and send a summary shortly to the notification email.

On successful upload the employees will receive an email with login credentials and link to the employee portal.

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