How to enable Proctoring in a program?

Know how to enable proctoring in a program.

iMocha uses advanced AI-enabled cheating prevention measures to ensure the assessments are taken fairly. 
Image Proctoring is an online invigilation where images of the test-takers are captured when the assessment is in progress. Online proctoring is conducted remotely by the system in real-time. The system reports if any unfair means are used during the test by matching a base profile image captured that acts as the master image against all subsequent images. 
Video Proctoring lets you view the recorded screen feeds of the test-takers taken during their test attempts. 

To enable proctoring settings at the program level:

  1. Go to Skills Validation->Programs -> My Program

  2. Select the program for which you wan to enable Proctoring.

  3. Select the Settings tab, and enable image proctoring or video proctoring settings here as shown below:

  4. Click Save.


  • Ensure to assign settings before assigning a Program to the employee.
  • Only Program in Draft mode can be edited.
    To move a program in Published mode to Draft mode, click the icon as shown in the image below:


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