How to download/share the candidate report in PDF format?

Know how to download and share the candidate report with teammates

To have an in-depth analysis of the candidate's test, iMocha gives you the candidate report in PDF format. You can download and share the report or even give access to your teammate to view the report.

Note: You need not download the report to share the candidate report with your colleague!

You can view the reports from - Live Data.

  1. Candidates -> Live Data
  2. “My tests” tab

1. Let's see how to view the report from the Live Data tab

  • Click Candidates - Live Data 
  • You can search the candidate name or email or scroll the list of tests
  • Click View Reports
View Reports

The report page opens, where you can choose to download or share the report

Candidate Report- Summary


The downloaded PDF report looks like this.

PDF report

Click Share Report, enter the email address, and share the report with the concerned person.

Video Questions in PDF report: Now, for tests with video questions, the PDF will contain the video URL that can be accessed by the receiver.

Video URL in PDF

URL for video questions

2. Let us check how to view the report from the " My Tests" tab

  • Click the "My Tests" tab on the top panel
  • Click "Reports" for the particular test
  • From the list, select the candidate whose reports you want to share
  • Click " Share Reports"
  • From the drop-down menu, select the team member you want to select the report with
  • Click "Share"

Note: You can only share with teammates you have added to your account as users.

If you want to share the PDF reports, click on reports -> View Report (for the selected candidate), and you will get the option to share as PDF.

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