How to create iMocha project assessment?

Create a test to understand a candidate/employee's potential and readiness for specific projects.

Assess whether a candidate is project-ready and make the best talent decisions with iMocha's Projects. Based on the platform analytics within iMocha's project-based assessment, find the candidate who best suits the project.

Creating New Project

  1. From the top panel on your dashboard, click on Projects.
  2. To start with your customised project, click on Create New Project.

  3. The following pop-up appears on the screen. Type the name of the project in the column and click on Create New Project.

  4. The below page appears on the screen. To proceed further, choose the problem statement of your choice from each skill, click on Browse Problem Statements.

  5. From each skill, select any one problem statement, each problem statement has been marked as easy, medium, or hard, for the one that you want in the project, click on Add to Project.

  6. The below page appears once you add the problem statement of your choice. The page displays the name of the project's creator, along with the specific technology it's focused on, the number of questions the project contains, and the time frame given to complete it. 
  7. You can choose to edit the problem statement or delete it if required by opting for the Edit or Delete option under the actions column.
  8. Once you're ready with your set of skills and questions in the project created, go ahead, and click on Publish.
  9. It will bring up a pop-up asking for confirmation. Click on Yes, publish now.

After publishing your project, you can start inviting candidates. To know how to Invite Candidates, click on know more.

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