How to create iMocha project assessment?

Know how to create an iMocha project assessment to understand a candidate's potential and readiness for specific projects.

iMocha Projects helps you evaluate the technical proficiency of the candidates by letting them solve real-world scenario-based projects comparable to what they will encounter on the job. By completing these projects, candidates can demonstrate their ability to apply their skills effectively, showcasing their problem-solving capabilities and practical expertise. Assess and explore each candidate's skill by using the iMocha project based assessment. 

To create a new iMocha Project:

  1. Go to Projects.
  2. Click Create New Project.
  3. The following window appears, enter the Project Name as desired.
  4. Click Create New Project.
  5. The following window appears, click Browse Problem Statements, to select the problem statement.  
  6. The following window with the technology stack and the related problem statement appears:
  7. Select the desired technology framework from the stack. Scroll down through the problem statements and select the one you want to assign to the candidate.
    Duration - displays the iMocha's recommendation, you can edit it and assign up to 5 days time to the candidate to complete the project.
    The problem statement is marked with Easy,Medium, and Hard label according to the difficulty level index of the problem.
  8. Click Add to Project corresponding to the problem statement.
  9. The following window including the Problem statement, the skill, duration assigned to the assessment appears. 
    You can edit or delete the statement, if needed.
  10. Once you have added the problem statement and is ready to proceed further, click Publish to publish the project. 

  11. Click Yes, publish now on the confirmation window that appears.

You have now created and published a Project based assessment, now you can start inviting candidates. Click on know more on how to Invite Candidates.


  1. You can only assign Active and Published Projects to the candidates .
  2. You cannot combine two different technologies.
  3. iMocha Projects work best with one problem statement per assessment.
  4. The system automatically evaluates candidates' code solutions.

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