What is the best way to control sharing of Host Interviewer details with candidates for Live Coding Interviews?

Ensure a seamless interview experience with iMocha's special feature, that allows the Interviewer to manage sharing of his or her email address with the candidate

1. On the Dashboard, click on the Settings icon on the top panel and select Global Settings


2. On the extreme left, select Master Settings - Interview 

A page with Interview Email Settings opens


3. Select Yes to ensure that candidate receives Host/Primary Interviewer's email address for further communication with the interviewer

Click No, if you do not wish to share Host Interviewer's email address with candidate

Note: This setting is offered only to notify the candidate about the Host/Primary Interviewer's email address.
By default, Host/Primary Interviewer's email details will be shared with co-interviewers. 

Below is a snapshot of the invite email, displaying the Host/Primary Interviewer's email address received by the candidate
email invite_LCI

At iMocha, it's up to you whether Interviewer details can be shared with candidates, for an ideal live coding platform experience.

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