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How to change account password?

Manage your iMocha app platform password. Learn how to: I. Change the password of your account II. Use high security settings on your password

I. Change the password of your account  

You can change the password anytime. We recommend changing your password every 6 months.

To change the password

1. log in to your account

2. Click Settings -> My Settings -> Change Password

change password


Note: Your Password must: 

1. Contain at least 10 characters 

2. Contain one or more numbers

3. Contain a mix of one or more uppercase and lowercase letters 

4. Include at least one of the special characters (!@#$%^&*)

3. Enter your old password followed by the new password

4. Click Save

II. Enforce more stringent security for your data with iMocha's password policy options as below:

Note: Enable these settings, for all users of your account, by contacting the iMocha customer support.

Following are the customisable password settings:


1. Complex Password 
•    Your first login on the app will be initiated through a default set password. You will have to generate a new password by yourself.


•    A complex password with multiple protocols will make your password more secure and immune to any cyber attacks. In case your password is not strong enough, you will see the following message: 


2. Regular Password Rotation
Timely rotation of password will ensure higher security. Time of password expiry is customisable at iMocha. 
When your password is approaching expiry, a pop up will start appearing 5 days before date of expiry.


It will serve as a reminder to update your password and avoid being locked out of the app. 

3. Lock account after multiple failed logins
After a set no. of failed login attempts, system will auto-lock for a set time, to avoid any more logins. User will have an option to reset password using the link reset your password.


In case of any clarifications, you can contact us at support@imocha.io.