How to attempt an iMocha project?

iMocha Projects helps you showcase your technical proficiency by solving real-world scenario based project comparable to what you will encounter on the job.

Solve the real-world scenario based projects in the iMocha project platform and prove your job readiness.

Follow the below steps to attempt the iMocha project:

  1. Click the Assessment Link received in the email invitation to log on to the iMocha project platform or paste the Assessment Link on your browser.
  2. Authenticate yourself by entering your name and email address on the login page. Ensure to enter the same email in which you received the invitation for the test.

    login page
  3. Read the instructions and click Setup the Environment.
  4. The below window appears when the Project Environment is ready. It may take a few minutes to load.

    project environment ready
  5. The iMocha IDE for React JS and Angular JS appears as shown below:


    The online IDE provides the project's boilerplate and tools to compile, test, and run your project. Let us get to know the IDE a bit more:

    1. Project Brief: Displays the test details for the project. Read through the problem statement, and solve the real-world scenario based project. The IDE generates project structure for an easy start, simplifying your project experience and helping you focus on your project handling skill.

    2. Download PRD: The Project Requirement Document in the .pdf format can be downloaded from the link below the Project brief.

    3. Run-time Instructions: Instructions to install project dependencies, test, and run the project are displayed on the screen's left side.

    4. File Explorer: File explorer in the IDE sidebar helps manage files and folders.
    5. Code Editor: Productive source code editing helps you stay on the course of your code logic.
    6. Total Time: The project is time-bound. The total time allotted is displayed on the screen's top panel.
    7. Preview Output: A live preview of the output helps you stay on track.
    8. Pause Environment: Finishing the project tasks in one sitting may be exhausting. You can pause the environment by clicking Pause Environment and resume before the project's last submission date. The files and code are saved, and you can return to where you left them. The timer keeps ticking even when the Environment is paused. You can resume using the Assessment Link you used to log on to the project. 
    9. Terminal: You can conveniently compile the code or run any commands on containers without exiting the browser.

  6. Once you complete the project and are ready to submit the solution, click Submit Project. The feedback page is loaded. Feel free to share your experience here and click Submit Feedback.  


Good Luck! 

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