How to add new Skill to the Skill Profile?

Know how to add new skills to your skill profile

You can include skills to your skill profile, enabling you to showcase your abilities and qualify yourself for suitable work opportunities. You also have the option to submit requests for addition of skills that are not included in the list.

Please contact our support team at to enable this feature on your account.

To add a skill to your skill profile.

  1. Go to Skill Profile.
  2. Click Edit Profile.
  3. Click the Add Skill button.

  4. The following window appears:

    Search and select all the skill you want to add to your skill profile.
  5. Click Save.

If you cannot find the skill you are searching for on the list, you have the option to request a custom skill.

  1. Click the Request a Skill button to request a custom skill.
  2. Enter the Skill Name and click Submit to get approval from the admin.
  3. Click Submit.

After you submit your request, it will be forwarded to the administrator for approval. Once the administrator adds the skill to your account, you will receive a notification.

The administrator can contact to upload the requested skill into the account's taxonomy of skills.

For any queries, mail us at