How to add Job profiles and corresponding skills?

Know how to add Job profiles and corresponding mapped skills.

Job Profile is a description of the specific abilities, competencies, capabilities, and expertise required to successfully perform the duties of a particular job role or a position. The administrators can add the job profiles and corresponding skills and build the right skill profile for employees.

To add Job Profile:

Log in to the Talent Management  portal.

  1. Go to Skill Architecture and select Job Profile.
  2. Click Job Profile.
  3. Click Add Job Profile
  4. The following window appears:
  5. Enter the Job Profile name and select the Occupation, Job Role, and the Country from the drop-down list.
    The system retrieves all the job roles associated with the selected occupation from the database. 
  6. Click Apply after entering all the necessary details.

The newly added Job Profile appears in the list of job profiles page.

Now, go ahead and identify the specific skills and competencies required for each job profile and map the corresponding skills to each job profile. 

To add skills:

To add skills to corresponding Job Profile follow the below steps:

  1. Click the Job Profile to which you want to add the skills.
  2. The following window appears:
  3. Click Add Skills.
  4. The following window appears:

    i. Select the Skill Type from the drop-down list:
    Primary: The primary skill is the most essential or fundamental skill required for a particular job. The core competency is critical for effectively performing the tasks and responsibilities associated with the role. 
    Secondary: The secondary skill refers to the additional skill that enhances the performance of the job role. While the primary skill is the core competency, the secondary skill is an additional ability that can contribute to the effectiveness and versatility of the employee in performing their tasks. 
    Power: Power skills refer to the personal qualities that contribute to how a person interacts with others in the workplace and responds to certain situations. These skills are often related to interpersonal relationships, communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem-solving, leadership, and other similar aspects of professional conduct. Power skills are essential for assessing whether a person will fit into a specific job role and organizational culture. 

    ii. Select the skill name from the drop-down list.

    iii. Set the skill proficiency needed for the selected job role depending on the requirements and responsibilities of that role on a scale from 1 to 10.

  5.  Click Save, after setting all the necessary details.

Similarly, enter all the skill types, and select the skill family, skill name, and proficiency for each skill. 
The system automatically adds the relevant capabilities for each job role when you select the job role and occupation from our capabilities database. 
Once all the job-related skills are added, they will be listed on the page, as shown below.

You have now successfully added a job profile and mapped the corresponding skills. Mapping skills to job profiles is crucial for effective planning, skill gap analysis, and talent management. It ensures that employees receive targeted training aligned with their job requirements and optimizes organizational talent management strategies.

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