How to add audio, video, or image to my questions?

Know how to add audio, video, or image file to my questions

Audio or video questions enhance the tests and provide a fun element for the candidates.

How to add audio, video, and image to my questions?

  1. Click My Questions
  2. Click Add Question
  3. Select the question type that you want to add (MCQ, True/False, Fill in the blanks, Descriptive, Multiple answers)
  4. Select the Skill. If the desired skill is not listed, click Add Skill
  5. Select the Add image or Add Audio/Video option.

    Image question
  6. For an image upload, .png, .gif .jpeg formats are allowed
  7. To upload audio, enter the URL for the audio file (MP3 only)

  8. To upload a video, then enter the URL for the video file (YouTube only)

  9. Click Add
    Enter the question, answers, difficulty level, answer explanation, points, author name and other details.
  10. Click Save
    You can now use this question in your test. 

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