How to add an AI-LogicBox question in My Questions?

Use the innovative AI-LogicBox question type and assess candidates with an artificial intelligence-based coding platform.

What is AI-LogicBox?

AI-LogicBox is an artificial intelligence-based coding platform designed to assess programmers’ logical and problem-solving skills. AI-LogicBox will change the way you hire champion coders.

AI-LogicBox does not require the candidates to write the code from scratch; instead, AI-LogicBox coding question provides a script wherein certain code snippets are missing. The candidate has to write the missing code snippets in the answer box and complete the script.

How an AI-LogicBox question appears to the candidate?

ai logicbox question

Answer Validation:

The candidates can validate their answers before submission. 

They can assess the accuracy of their answers during the test. This feature enhances the test experience and provides an option to review and refine their responses, ensuring greater accuracy and confidence.

To validate the answer, click the Run and Validate button, and the Validation Results will be displayed, as shown in the figure below.

answer validation

How to add an AI-LogicBox question to My Questions?

To add a question to the My Questions library, it is necessary first to create a category and associate it with the appropriate skill. This process involves establishing a category and linking it to a specific skill to select it from the drop-down list when adding a question. By following these steps, you ensure that your question is properly categorized and easily accessible to choose from.

  1. Go to My Questions.
    my question
  2. Select the Manage Category/Skills tab.
  3. Click Add Category.
    add category
    Category refers to a classification or grouping mechanism used to organize skills or knowledge areas. 
  4. The following pop-up window appears.
  5. Enter the category name as per your requirement.
  6. Click Save
    You have created a category, now go ahead and associate it with a specific skill.
  7. Click Add Skill.
    add skill
  8. Enter the Skill Name. 
    Ensure to select AI-LogicBox as Skill Type and select the previously created category from the drop-down list. 
    logicbox add skill
  9. Click Save.
    You have successfully added a skill to the category, you can proceed further to add the questions. 
  10. Select the Questions tab.
    add question
  11. Click Add Question  and select AI-LogicBox from the drop-down.
    ai logicbox
  12. The following window appears:
  13. Select the skill from the drop down list.
    add skill
  14. Enter the question in the text editor provided as shown below:
    add question
  15. Point your cursor to where you want the answer box to appear in the question and click Add Answer. This box will appear as Answer1 and subsequent answer boxes as Answer2, Answer3, and so on
    add answer
  16. The following pop-up window with the Answer Box properties appear:
    answerbox setting

    Answer type: Implies whether the answer is Text or numeric. For Coding and Descriptive questions, the answer type will be Text; for questions with a purely numerical output, the answer type will be Numeric.

    Answer size: It can be selected from the drop-down list varying from 1 word to maximum 500 words. The selected number of words will be allowed in the answer.

    Scoring type: Each answer can contain a single answer set or multiple answer sets.

    • Single Answer Set: The candidate's answer is compared with only the single answer set present and will be allotted points accordingly.
    • Sum of Answer Sets: The candidate's answer is compared with all answer sets present for Answer 1, and the points assigned will be a summation of all answer sets.
    Once all the answer boxes are added, you can go ahead and add the Answer set.
  17. To Add Answer set:
    Click  plus icon on the Action Column to add the answer set.
    answer set
  18. To Add the Answer Sets for Text answers:
    Enter the answer, points, and other details for the Partial/Exact evaluation type as in the figure shown below:
    exact answer set
    Enter the answer, points, and other details for the Keyword evaluation type as in the figure shown below:add answerset
  19.  To Add the Answer Sets for Numeric answers: 
    Enter the answer, points, and other details for the Numeric answer type as in the figure shown below:
    exact answer set
  20. Click Save.
  21. Enter the difficulty level of the question, answer explanations, if any and the topic related to it.

    my question
  22. Once you enter all the details click Save to add the question to My Questions library.
    Now the question is available in the My Questions library, and you can add it while creating a test.

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