How to access Talent Pool?

Know how to access the consolidated repository of comprehensive employee data using the Talent Pool.

Talent Pool provides an efficient and intuitive interface for accessing employee data. It empowers the administrators to enrol employees, enabling data-driven decision making, focused workforce development, and strategic talent planning. It provides a dynamically updated employee data view for analysis that aligns with the organization's goals.

To view the Talent Pool:

  1. Go to  Insights->Skills Inventory.
  2. The following window appears:
  3. Select the Talent Pool tab to access the employee data.
    Here is a preview of the Talent Pool.

  4. You can Sort the list of employees based on Highest Skill Gap or Highest Experience:

    You can use the below filters to refine your search and focus on the employees based on any of the provided options. 
    The following are the available filter options:
    Skill Gap: Filter the employees based on their skill gap. The Average Skill Gap is calculated as the percentage difference between the required proficiency score and the actual current proficiency score. This is determined by taking the average required proficiency score for the employees and subtracting the average actual current proficiency score for that skill. The result is then divided by the required proficiency score and multiplied by 100.

    Job Profiles: Select the Job Profile from the drop-down list or enter keywords related to the job profile to filter employees in those positions. Job profiles are mapped to specific skills, allowing you to view information about employees whose skills match the selected job role. 

    Department: Select the specific department from the dropdown list or enter the keywords related to the department to filter employees by department. A department refers to a distinct section or functional area within an organization. This filter helps in the categorization of employees based on their assigned departments.

    Location: Select the location from the dropdown list to filter employees based on their work location.

    Skills: Select the desired skills from the drop-down list or enter the keywords related to the skill and filter the employees with those skills. Skills and Job role mapping streamlines talent management by ensuring that individuals with the right skills are matched with appropriate roles and responsibilities.

    A carefully managed talent pool empowers organizations to remain flexible and strategic.


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