How do I filter candidates based on parameters like total experience, job location and more?

Know how iMocha provides a snapshot of the relevant candidate details.

Many times the selection of a candidate is not only dependent on the test scores. Several factors like the residence location of the candidate, salary expectations, and job experience determine the final selection.

iMocha will help you to collect this data about candidates when they appear for the test. The candidate has to fill in the information required by you before attempting the test. This information can then be used to set filters while selecting candidates.

Let us see how to add the candidate details to the test:

  1. Click My Tests.
  2. select enter the name of the test.
  3. Select Settings from the top tab.
  4. Click Candidate Details.
    candidate details
    By default, the email ID & full name of the candidate is selected. You can choose the fields from the given list. If your desired option is not available, you can add your custom field!
    To add the custom field, click Add Custom Fields. Write the field name & you can ask the candidate to give the information in text, numbers, or large text.
    You can set the priority of the fields as mandatory or not mandatory. You can also set the order in which the candidate will fill this data.
  5. Click Save Changes after choosing your preferred parameters.

When you invite any candidate to take the particular test or send the link, the candidates will have to fill in the information as required. This information can be viewed in the report under Candidate Details.

Note: When you download the report in an excel sheet, you will get all the details you have asked for. This will help you to filter candidates on your parameters.

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