How to get your company URL on the test platform?

Know how to customize the test URL from to

When candidates attempt the tests, the URL displayed is You can change it to reflect your company's URL, which helps with company/corporate branding.

Note: SSL certificate is mandatory for URL mapping. Please send the SSL certificate in .pfx file format with the password to your iMocha account manager.

To set your company URL on the iMocha Test platform, follow the below steps:

  1. Buy/Request an SSL certificate.
    To buy and request an SSL certificate from GoDaddy, click here.
  2. Create a CNAME record in your DNS Zone File.
    1. Log on to your Domain Control Panel.
    2. Go to the section which says DNS or Name Servers.
    3. Create a new CNAME record with name/host/alias as your custom URL pointing to value
       TTL: Enter a Time To Live between 30 minutes to 1 hour, or leave this field in its default settings.
    4. You may need to fill in these details:
      Alias Name: Enter the subdomain name for your alias. 
      For example, if you want to use a vanity URL like, enter test as your alias name.
      Point to Host Name: Type to directly map the alias to your company domain.
    5. Save changes to your DNS records.

These instructions may vary a bit based on your domain registrar. If you cannot find a way to add the DNS record, get help from your webmaster or your server administrator. Once the CNAME is created at your end, and we receive the SSL certificate of your company domain, the test platform will reflect your desired URL.

For any queries, mail us at