Fixing Microphone issues during test attempts

Ways to resolve microphone issues on your browser and the test platform

As a candidate, you may face issues with your microphone while attempting the test. Here's how to go about it on your browser as well as the test platform.

I. On your browser

Here are a few solutions you can try depending on the browser you are using:

A) For Chrome 



B) For Firefox

  • Click on the padlock in the URL bar at the top of the browser and click Permissions
  • Next to Use the Microphone, choose Allow
    Allowing Microphone

C) Common Issues

  • Check whether the microphone wire is attached
  • If using built-in speakers, run a check on the audio input and output
  • Check whether your laptop/PC is in functional condition and supports audio input & output

II. On Test platform

1. The test window shows Microphone icon in Disabled yellow color for as long as it is not enabled in your browser settings


2. Once you have enabled the Microphone, Click on System Recheck, if Microphone not already automatically enabled on the Test Platform


3. The screen will appear as below:

MicEnable2Under Microphone, go ahead and try your voice on the Mic to test if it is recording your voice properly. Click on Start Recording to do so

Note: Record your voice for less than or equal to 10 seconds. The recorder automatically stops after completing 1o seconds. Make sure your voice is clear and audible. 

4. In case your voice was not audible or was unclear, the system would not have been able to capture it properly. You will consequently see the a message in red notifying the same

Give a quick check on your headsets, etc. and go ahead with another voice testing


After camera and voice checks, you are good to go!

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