iMocha FAQ's

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When I view the reports, I cannot see the correct answers to the questions that the candidate has got wrong; why?

This is because the entire context of the question and the answer is the intellectual property of iMocha. Moreover, to safeguard our clients' interests and avoid any question leaks, we do not provide answers to the questions.

How much time does it take for report generation?

Reports are generated within 2 minutes of the test completion in the iMocha platform.

Can I see the web proctoring images of the candidates in reports?

Yes. If you have enabled image proctoring for the test, you can see the proctored images in the report under proctoring details.

Can I share the reports with someone who is not added as a sub-user in my account?

No. To share a report, the recipient has to be added to your account as a user. Refer to How to add a teammate to your account for adding users. However, you can download the PDF and share it with anyone even though they are not added to your account as a sub-user.

I am unable to view candidate feedback; what could be the reason?

The admin account can only view candidate feedback. Please check your account access level.