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1-Click Integration with Workable - Inviting Candidates from Workable

Know how to invite candidates in Workable using iMocha's 1-Click Integration

1-Click Integration with Workable will enable customers using both Workable and iMocha to assess candidates from the Workable platform.

To enable Integration

For this, you will require to iMocha API key. Request your API key by writing to support@imocha.io. Once you have the API key, it will reflect in your iMocha account.

1. In your iMocha account, under Settings, select Integration

2. Select 1-Click Integration under Workable

3.Click Configure

4. Your iMocha account key will reflect here

5. Click Activate Integration

6. Copy iMocha API key

7. In your workable account, click Integrations

8. Under Assessment Providers, click iMocha

9. Paste the API key, click Update settings

10. In iMocha, click Activate Integration

You are now Integrated with Workable.

1-Click Integration with Workable-GIF

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In case of any queries, please write at support@imocha.io.