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1 - Click Integration with Workable - Inviting Candidates from iMocha

Know how to invite candidates from iMocha using the Workable integration

1-Click Integration with Workable will enable customers using both Workable and iMocha to assess candidates from the Workable platform.

To enable Integration

Part A

For this, you will require a Workable Access token. To locate Workable Access token

1. In your Workable Account, under the user menu (located at the right corner), click Integrations

2. Click Generate new token

Generate New Token- Workable Integration- iMocha

3.Copy the Workable Access token

Access Token- Workable-iMocha-Integration


Part B
1. In your Interview Mocha account, under Settings, select Integration

2. Select 1-Click Integration under Workable (Invite Candidate from iMocha)

3.Click Configure

4. Paste the Workable Access token

5. Select the user

6. Click Activate Integration

You are now integrated with iMocha

To Invite candidates from iMocha

1. Click Job to Test Mapping

2. Select the job from the drop-down list

3. Select the Job stage

Note: The job stage is where this assessment result will be available. Before sending any invitation, ensure that the candidate is present/moved in that stage.

The candidate should use the same email, which was used for a job application and iMocha assessment.

4. Select the iMocha test that you want to map for this job and click Save Mapping

You can now invite candidates from iMocha and view their reports in Workable as well as iMocha. Sample Report in Workable is as below.

               Workable -iMocha Integration-Sample Reports

For any queries, please write to us at support@imocha.io