Why creating multiple test links is effective?

Know how multiple test links helps in streamlining the online assessment process

Assessments are the yardstick to measure a job applicant's knowledge and skill depth. Typically, in many organizations, a single assessment can be used to evaluate a lot of job roles. Similarly, an organization does not depend on a single sourcing channel and there is always chaos and confusion when the same test is used by multiple sourcing channels. For e.g. you might have a basic aptitude test as a level one assessment. You can use this assessment for campus hiring, walk-ins, lateral hiring and it can be used by your staffing agencies as well. So each time you need a different setting to be applied, you end up creating multiple tests. 

Instead of this, we have simplified the process by introducing test links. Now, one assessment can have multiple test links which help in identifying the source of the candidates.

So now for the Aptitude test, you can create various test links like - Java Developer - MIT College, Java Developer - Employee Referral, Java Developer - Staffing Agency and so on. This will help you slice and dice the data and identify which source is providing top-quality candidates. To know more read How to create test links and invite candidates

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