How to delete a test?

Here's how you can remove a test from your iMocha account

 You can deactivate a test instead of completely deleting it from your account. Once "Inactive", the test moves from "My Tests" to "Inactive Tests", wherein you can no longer invite candidates or view respective reports.

Lets walk you through the process.

- Click "My Tests" tab on the top Menu panel. A list of your tests appears

- Click on the test you wish to deactivate

You may use the "Search Tests" bar for quick access

Click on the 3 dot icon ("Kebab icon") on the right extreme

- Click "Inactivate Test"

Your test will be deactivated and then can be accessed under "Inactive Tests" in the "All Tests" dropdown under "My Tests"

How to re-activate an "Inactive test"


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